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Igor dos Santos


At just 39 years old, Igor feels that "he's been in a kitchen all his life".

Influenced by his father who has always dedicated himself to catering with his own restaurants, from an early age at the age of 5 he already knew what it was like to make coffee and serve at the table helping his parents.

The spirit of hospitality has always been present, if it weren't for his mother, a cook. At the age of 16 he came to Cascais to work for the IBERSOL group where he stood out for his energy and determination.

After 2 years he was invited to manage the group, where he became the company's youngest manager, completing 12 training courses, which gave him a great deal of management experience and helped the company train new managers and workers in subsequent years.

After 11 years of management, he decided to accept a new challenge of opening a restaurant with a former colleague. They opened O Pizza where they had 2 independent kitchens  and served Portuguese and Italian cuisine. This was his first big step into the world of cooking, taking inspiration from his mother.

After 2 years, he took on a new project and went to work for the Grelhas restaurant (Casa da Guia) where he headed the kitchen for almost 8 years, from 2014 to 2022, in which in 2019 he achieved an incredible turnover of more than 1 million Euros as Chef doing the management of the kitchen and its team, as well as subsequent years.


He even did kitchen consultancy on a freelance basis, but it was in March 2022 that he joined Nautk as chef. Where he had international trainers such as Martin Modernstein (Sweden) and António Alexandre (Portuguese)

Outside of the kitchen, he has a passion for art (drawing and crafts) and outdoor activities.

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